8 Great Instagram Accounts Every RV Owner Should Follow

By: Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi


Have you joined in on the Instagram craze yet? We think it’s the perfect social media hub for the RV enthusiast. Even if you can’t RV 24/7, looking at campers in pretty locations is almost as good.


Signing up for Instagram is easy, but finding great accounts to follow can be tricky. Here are our favorite Instagram accounts for folks that love RVing.


Go RVing (@gorving)

When it comes to great pictures of RVs in magnificent locations from coastal Maine to Southern California, GO RVing’s Instagram account is the mother ship. Their gallery provides daily inspiration for your next great road trip.


Go Parks (@goparks)

For stunning photographs that celebrate the beauty and historical significance of our National Parks, National Seashores, and National Historic sites there is no better gallery. From sunrises glowing through Mesa Arch in Utah to black and white photos of John Muir in Yosemite, this account will help you find your park!


Vintage Camper Trailers (@vintagecampertrailers)

Can’t get enough of fun photos of vintage trailers from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s? Then this gallery is for you! Vintage Camper Trailers features teardrops and canned hams and every historical oddity in-between! The classic cars that are often matched as tow vehicles are just the icing on the cake!


Hip Camp (@hipcamp)

Those of you who like to wander off the beaten track and park your rigs in more adventurous places like “farms, vineyards, and nature preserves” will find much information and inspiration in Hip Camp’s gallery.


Monica Bennett (@j5mm_blog)

We love Monica Bennett’s RV-centric photography of the Pacific Northwest so much that we asked her to provide the cover image for our book, The Idiot’s Guide to RV Vacations. Monica’s photos are filled with romance, wanderlust, and perhaps most importantly, the delicious local foods that she cooks while camping.


Mandy Lea (@mandyleaphoto)

We started following Mandy Lea after hearing a great interview with her on the Girl Camper podcast in iTunes. She describes herself as a “Full time teardropper, full time photographer, and full time adventurer” and her gallery has the dazzling photos to prove it. Her feed is jam packed with waterfalls, mountains, and deserts. Take us there!


Jonathan Irish (@jonathan_irish)

This National Geographic contributor has a dream—traveling to, and photographing, all 59 U.S. National Parks during the 2016 centennial. His pictures, like the parks themselves, are magnificent and breathtaking. We hope a coffee table book is in the works.


Peter Holcombe (@peterholcombe)

Peter Holcombe is a professional photographer and kayaker who travels full time with his family in a Class B RV. For beautiful photos of mountains and rivers with an emphasis on kayaking there is no better account. His wife and daughter also crush rapids on the kayak and they are featured in many of the photographs!
As RV enthusiasts, Instagram is our favorite social media platform since we can enjoy beautiful images of camping even when we can’t be out in the RV. Follow these eight great Instagram accounts for your daily dose of RV therapy!

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Fantastic RV Resorts around America: Have You Experienced This Popular Trend?

By: Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi

RVFTA Sydicated Column July 2016

Camping used to mean pitching a tent in the woods, and cooking your meals over an open fire. And while you can still find that experience at many state and national parks, a new trend has been emerging along with the record growth of the RV industry: resort campgrounds.

What’s the difference between your average campground and an RV Resort? Two words: activities and amenities. The best ones will have pristinely landscaped RV sites with full hook ups, indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzis and saunas, and plenty of lounges and rec rooms. They will also host a full roster of daily activities for adults and kids, as well as restaurants, snack bars, and ice cream shops.

Resort campgrounds are a fantastic place to enjoy all the benefits of the RV lifestyle. Once you park your rig, you don’t even have to venture offsite. In many cases you can start your day off with an adult Zumba class, play in a ping pong tournament during the afternoon, and end your day in the perfect way—toasting s’mores over the campfire with your loved ones.

Here are some of the best reviewed RV resorts from around the country. Make sure you check out their websites to find out what amazing amenities are offered at that particular location.

1. Campland on the Bay in San Diego, California. This beachfront resort offers campers the opportunity to go jet skiing or surfing just steps away from your RV sites. Yoga classes, live music, and sports tournaments will keep you busy all day, and at night you can enjoy dance parties and parades.

2. Jellystone Park in Hill Country, Texas. This Jellystone Park has all the amenities you would expect from a Yogi Bear Park, and then takes it up a couple notches for some extra fun. The outdoor pool and splashpad are world class, and the laser tag tournaments will bring out the kid in even the most stressed out adult.

3. Stone Mountain Park Campground in Atlanta, Georgia. Uniquely located within a state park, this campground has all the bells and whistles with a pool, volleyball court, and playground. The activities in the surrounding park will really blow you away, though. Ride a high-speed cable car up to an historical monument. Explore the rope bridge course that incorporates geysers and fountains or ride the historic railway through the park.

4. Lake in Wood in Narvon, Pennsylvania. This pristine resort has beautifully landscaped sites and impeccably maintained amenities, offering indoor and outdoor pools along with a splash pad for the little ones. The food at the Gnome Café is cooked to order and the ice cream is hand dipped. You can paint pottery in an art class or attend religious services in the on site chapel.

5. Normandy Farms in Foxboro, Massachusetts. This award-winning campground stands out for its well-trained staff and attention to detail seen in all the site facilities. You could go from one organized activity to another all day long, or you can lounge around one of the four pools. Want to go for a thrill ride? Take your mountain bike to the BMX course, but try not to wipe out on the ramps.

Remember, these amazing RV resorts are very popular and book up early during peak vacation times, so if you want a prime spot, reserve in advance. Other than that, your only job is to park your rig, unwind, and enjoy all the amazing activities and amenities the modern RV resort has to offer!

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Video Blog: Ringing Rocks County Park

By: Alyssa Hossler

Looking for a fun and local camping spot for a weekend getaway? The Ringing Rocks County Park in Upper Black Eddy, PA is a great place to take your RV and camp for the weekend! Ringing Rocks Park is a unique (and free) park where you can hit the rocks with a hammer and they emit a ringing sound! Below is a video of our bloggers, Alyssa & Tyler, exploring the park and making music with the rocks!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WctB0N2-h20[/embedyt]

Park Address: 1800-1857 Ringing Rocks Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972


 6 Helpful Tips for Your Visit:

  1. Watch Your Step:
    1. Some of the rocks are not secure and may shift when stepped on. We recommend that you wear well-fitting shoes to avoid ankle twisting.
  2. Prepare for Direct Sunlight:
    1. Most of the shade is around the perimeter of the park. The majority of the rock field is in direct sunlight. Bringing sunscreen, a hat, and/or sunglasses is advised.
  3. Bring Hammers:
    1. I recommend 2 hammers per person if you plan on making music, but if the kids are just playing around, just give them one hammer so they have more mobility to climb around on the rocks.
  4. Have Sunglasses or Eye Protection:
    1. When the rocks are hit, sometimes fragments of the rock flick up. We recommend that if you are going to play music and repeatedly hit the rocks, you may want to wear sunglasses to keep flying dust a debris from entering your eyes.
  5. Spend the Weekend:
    1. Click Here for the Ringing Rocks Family Campground website
    2. Click Here to learn more about RV Rentals from Stoltzfus RV’s & Marine!
  6. Park Details:
    1. There was a bathroom facility near the parking area which was closed during our visit. However, there was a porta-potty available.
    2. There is no parking fee or entrance fee! Just good ole-fashioned free fun!


Have an idea of where our travel bloggers should go next?
Let us know in the comment section!

Affordable family fun starts here! Happy Camping!

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Strawberry S’more

By: Alyssa Hossler

Love s’mores? So do we! But sometimes it is fun to doctor-up  a classic treat. The strawberry s’more is a juicier rendition of its gooey counterpart with a healthy, gluten-free twist!

1) First, take your strawberries, wash them, and cut out a little hole in the center. Then add a piece of chocolate inside the crevice.

FullSizeRender (5)

2) Take the strawberries and bundle them into a foil pod. Place the pod near the fire but not directly in the flame or embers. The goal is to melt the chocolate, not cook the strawberries.

FullSizeRender (2)

3) Now toast your marshmallow to golden brown perfection!

FullSizeRender (3)

4) Once your mallow is toasted, check your strawberries and pick out the one where the chocolate is most melted. Place your mallow on top of the chocolate filled strawberry and enjoy a flavorful juicy s’more paradise!

FullSizeRender (4)

Caution: May be hot, so be careful! We recommend using tongs to place and remove the strawberries from the fire’s edge. Always remember to be safe with your campfire and completely douse it with water when your are finished. Forest fires happen and we must always be proactive to keep ourselves and nature safe!

For more great ideas and camping tips, follow our blog and social media accounts! We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @stoltzfus_rvs

Looking for camping supplies? Feel free to stop into our Parts & Accessories Store for everything from marshmallow skewers to campfire popcorn makers!

Happy Camping!

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5 Camping-Themed Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By: Alyssa Hossler

Does Dad have all of the slippers and spatulas he needs to last him the next 20 years? Then here are 5 great gifts to get Dad that are better than socks! All of these items are conveniently sold at Stoltzfus RV’s & Marine.

Stoltzfus will also be hosting a Father’s Day Sales Event June 16th – June 18th. Complete with hot dogs, refreshments, and a special Father’s Day game where fathers can win prizes and discounts! The grand prize will be a $50 gift card to our Parts and Accessories Store!

1) King RV Media Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker’s awesome features don’t stop at its Bluetooth capabilities. The King speaker is hardwired into the RV so there are no battery changes required. The speaker is also waterproof and is equipped with a powerful awning light!


2) Pink Himalayan Cooking Salts

Stoltzfus RV’s carries a variety of Salt Rox’s pink Himalayan cooking salt products. Just to name a few, we have salt mills, seasoning eggs, and shot glasses!



3) Propane Gauge

This magnetic sensor sits on the bottom of the tank and monitors the propane levels. After downloading the app on a smartphone, the sensor will send updates on the tank’s gas levels! No more ruined BBQ’s or unexpected shenanigans! The sensor also comes with a 3 year warranty.


4) Back-Up Monitor: Furrion Vision 2

This back-up monitor is completely wireless. The camera captures up to 100 ft of footage. This top of the line technology is complete with vibration resistance and extreme climate protection to ensure high-quality performance no matter the conditions.

DSC_0246 DSC_0247

5) An RV to put it all in!

If you are looking for a big ticket item this Father’s Day, then look no further. An RV is a great gift that keeps on giving! RV’s are great for impromptu traveling, weekend getaways, and cross country road trips!


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Adventure Blog: Top 5 Places in Acadia Nat’l Park, Maine

Written By: Alyssa Hossler

Greetings fellow adventurers! My name is Alyssa and I am the blogger and social media coordinator at Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine! Today, I am writing to you to tell you about an amazing place I went camping: Acadia National Park in Maine.  My friend Kara (left) and I, (right) ventured throughout Acadia’s beautiful coasts and mountain summits during our camping road trip!

KA ocean path

Here are the Top 5 Places to go when visiting Acadia:


1. CADILLAC MOUNTAIN (Summit: 1532 ft.)

Kara and I stayed at the Blackwoods Campground which has a trail that leads to the South Ridge Trail. The South Ridge Trail took us up to Cadillac Mountain! In the picture below is a portion of the South Trail with Cadillac Mountain in the background!

a2 cadillac


2. DORR MOUNTAIN (Summit: 1270 ft.)

Dorr Mountain trail has a decent amount of terrain that requires climbing on all fours.We had to also ascend a waterfall as part of the trail. It was a bit slippery but we came out victorious! Pictured here is Kara proudly posing at the summit of this glorious mountain.

Dorr Summit



If you are looking for a more leisurely hike, Ocean Path is a beautiful trail that is easy on the feet and the eyes. This trail, as the name suggests, follows the coast. A breath-taking view is always in sight and Sand Beach is at the end of the trail!

Otter Point 2

4. BEEHIVE MOUNTAIN (Summit: 520 ft.)

The Beehive is by far the most treacherous hike I have even endured and by far the most thrilling! This trail is not for the faint at heart or those who have a fear of heights. Kara and I scaled edges of the mountain and climbed iron rung ladders! We made it to the summit in one piece, and the view at the top made the whole climb worth it.

a beehive


Beehive Summit



On the descent of the Beehive, The Bowl is a small optional detour. Kara and I sat here to have lunch and enjoy the view. The water was clearer than the sky that day. It was perfection.

a bowl trail

Acadia is a beautiful place to visit if you are a hiker and nature lover like Kara and I! If you are looking to camp, there are many different sites to choose from! Consider renting an RV from Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine so you can test out the RVing lifestyle! Rving makes road trips and adventurous travel easier than ever!
Click Here for more information on how to rent an RV!

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Photography By: Alyssa Hossler (arhp) and Kara Gieschen (K.E.G.P.)


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5 Easy Ways to Personalize Your RV

By: Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi

Many new RVs are decorated in a neutral color palette, making it simple to add your own personal style highlights. But where do you start? We recommend some easy and affordable additions that will make your RV truly feel like a home away from home.

1. Pick a single pop or highlight color and then use it throughout the RV. Choose a color that you love and one that blends with the textiles already in the RV. Maybe blues help you feel relaxed and peaceful. Or perhaps reds bring you excitement and energy. Whatever highlight color you decide on, use it in every room to make the space feel roomier and unified.


Why have a single pop of color when you can have multiple pops of color! These Multicolor LED Speaker Bulbs keep the tunes pumping and groovy colors light the way to the kitchen tile dance floor!

2. Splurge on bedding. A good night’s sleep is so important when traveling in your RV, so don’t overlook the bedroom. A mattress topper, quality sheets, and a fluffy comforter will make sure you get your beauty rest, even when you are on the road.


Correctly fitting sheets and mattress toppers can be a real hassle when shopping for your RV. Since the RV Collection specializes in RV products, you no longer have to worry about fit or comfort!

3. Add some pillows and throw blankets. Using your chosen highlight color, find some patterned throw pillows for the couch and dinette. A couple of cozy throw blankets will also go a long way to making your RV feel like your own personal happy place.


Tablecloths are a great way to add some color and protect your table! There is nothing more homey that a red checkered tablecloth!

4. Put up some custom wall hangings. You do not have to put any holes in your RV walls to display treasured family photos or collected prints. Adhesive squares and sticky Velcro will hold up great if attached properly. Some RVers create a feature wall by framing and hanging postcards from their travels.


This RV wall clock is an easy stick on clock that will not hurt your RV! 

5. Only introduce items you love. A new RV is clutter free, and keeping it that way will ensure that you enjoy all the time you spend in your home on wheels. Choose every item that you add with care, and at the end of every trip, remove items you didn’t use.


Keeping the things you love, like coffee, clutter free is not the easiest task. With Pop-A-Filter, you can keep your coffee filters all in one convenient and accessible place!

Your RV is your home away from home, and you can to feel as comfortable and relaxed while traveling as you do in your sticks and bricks. These five tips will help you personalize your RV in a simple and affordable way so you can focus on the fun part…the amazing adventures ahead.

All of the products listed are conveniently sold at Stoltzfus RV’s & Marine in West Chester. Stop on in and peruse our extensive camp store! “Affordable family fun starts here!”

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3 Reasons to Plan Your Shakedown Trip Today!


By: Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a year-round RVing climate, you are probably opening up the RV for camping season this month. While many experts recommend a “shake down” trip if you purchase a new RV, we strongly suggest that you make this a yearly tradition, even if you are a camping veteran.

What is a Shake Down Trip?

A shake down trip refers to a short, close to home, excursion with your RV for the purpose of testing out the systems and stocking up on necessary supplies. We used to be so excited about dewinterizing our travel trailer and hitting the road that we skipped this tradition for years. Then we ended up on a 10-day vacation in Myrtle Beach without any running water. A problem that could have been easily fixed at home became a lot more complicated on the road.

Now we visit a favorite nearby campground where we enjoy a shake down weekend every spring. Something we avoided has become a favorite family tradition, an event we look forward to that marks the opening of our official camping season.

3 Reasons You Should Plan a Yearly Shake Down Trip

1. Identify any maintenance issues before embarking on longer trips.

We take very good care of our RV, and most of the time it opens up without any issues at all. However, fuses do blow out and squirrels do sometimes chew on propane lines. When you set aside a weekend at the campground to tend to these basic maintenance issues, you can take care of your chores in a beautiful and relaxing environment.

2. Practice working all your systems in a low stress environment.

When you are on an RV vacation, you don’t want to worry about anything except enjoying your precious time at the campground. The last thing you want to do is figure out how to get your hot water heater working. Take care of this ahead of time on a shake down trip, and you will coast through your RV set up for the rest of the season.

3. Make sure your RV is properly packed.

Pack up your RV and then head out for your shake down trip. Once settled at the campground, you will inevitably discover items you forgot. No worries…your home is nearby and you can pack that tire pressure gage as soon as you return. You might also discover a few items that you don’t really need. You can ditch that clutter before your next big trip.

Our yearly shake down trip has turned into a fun, relaxing way to celebrate the beginning of camping season. And other RVers seem to feel the same. This year we will be joined at the campground by many other camping friends, eager to test out those tanks and then share s’mores around the fire.

See you at the campground!