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Earl Stoltzfus, Chairman of the Board



Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine, Chairman of the Board

I was born on July 29th 1941 on a farm in Lancaster County PA. After school I worked construction jobs and developed an interest in welding. I became a certified welder and after two years was promoted to Construction Supervisor, building grain storage tanks. Later I joined the Boilermakers Local 66 in Kansas City. During this time I traveled around the Midwest and worked on oil refineries, oil tanks and power plants. I also did many things to educate myself in the construction industry.
I developed an interest in flying and earned my pilot license in 1963. I decided I wanted to become an airline pilot, but found out that I had a color deficiency, which would limit my future as a pilot.

About Earl

  • In 1965 I was recruited by Somat Corporation as a Service Engineer. I traveled throughout the country troubleshooting and supervising the installation of their products.
  • During this time I developed an interest in the Recreational Vehicle business. In 1967, I rented the property that was next to the Birmingham Grille. I was there for 11 years, before buying the property at 1335 Wilmington Pike where the dealership is now located.
  • In 1973 I married a wonderful woman Virginia Trego Cox, and have 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and one great grandchild.
  • I have been involved with managing, developing and growing the Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine dealership to this date. The number one goal in my business is customer satisfaction.
  • I have had a long list of business education and training.
  • I sold part of the company to an (ESOP) Employee Stock Ownership program in 2002. The balance of the company was sold in 2007. Therefore, I am no longer the owner of Stoltzfus RV’s and Marine. As of 2007 we are a 100% ESOP Company.
  • Owner or President of Stoltzfus RV’S & Marine for 46 years.
  • Former Board of Directors of First Financial Bank.
  • Former Board of Directors and Chairman of the board of (PRVCA) Pa Recreation Vehicle & Camping Association in Harrisburg PA.
  • Past Board of Directors of (RVDA) Recreational Vehicle Dealers of America in Washington DC. I am currently a delegate board member for (RVDA) and participating on several of their committees.
  • Past Board of Directors of the West Chester Chamber of Commerce.
  • I am a member and past president of the West Chester Exchange Club.
  • For the past 13 years I have held various board positions on the Penn Oaks Home Owners Association.